Making today’s ideas, tomorrow’s products

Since 1990, Debiotech's aim has been to conceive and develop highly innovative and cost effective Medical Devices, improving the therapeutical outcome and the Quality of Life for the highest possible number of patients. The specificity of the company is to devote itself to the definition, design and development of devices, leaving to licensed partners or acquirers the responsibility of marketing and sales of the products.

With over 20 different medical product developments, over 40 license agreements, numerous prestigious awards and more than 500 granted national patents, Debiotech is ranked as one of the most innovative company for Medical Devices in Switzerland.

Debiotech performs R&D based on breakthrough discoveries on Artificial Organs, Drug Delivery Systems, Diagnostics, Medical Devices, Micro-, Nano- and Information technology in an independent entrepreneurial environment which permits rapid decision making.

Debiotech’s success factor is to identify new technologies and innovative ideas originating from universities, scientists or inventors and to transform them into approved Products for Human Use where technology fades away in front of ease of use.

Debiotech’s strength is its ability to successfully combine the know-how and creativity of its own team of talents with those of external international medical and engineering experts as well as experienced manufacturing organizations which are associated to the Product success.

Debiotech’s achievements are innovative Products which are licensed to or acquired by leading healthcare companies around the world and generate revenues which are re-invested into new Product opportunities.